10 On-trend Large Bathroom Ideas in 2024

10 On-trend Large Bathroom Ideas in 2024

Transform your bathroom into an oasis with these stunning large bathroom renovation ideas. Discover how to add double vanities, walk-in showers, soaking tubs and more spa-inspired features.

Having a spacious bathroom to get ready in can make all the difference in starting your day off right. Large bathrooms allow you to spread out, reduce clutter, and create a tranquil oasis. If you're looking to remodel a big bathroom or just get inspiration, these on-trend large bathroom ideas will help you design a beautiful, functional space.

Double Vanities

One of the best ways to take advantage of a roomy bathroom is to install double vanities. Having two sinks allows two people to get ready at once without bumping elbows. It also provides plenty of storage for toiletries and other items. Look for wall-mounted or floating double vanity designs to open up floor space. Include a large mirror or mirrored medicine cabinets above each sink to check your look.

Consider your style when selecting vanities. For traditional bathrooms, look for vanities with ornate leg detail, carved fronts, and marble countertops. Contemporary and modern bathrooms can feature more sleek and simple vanities with clean lines and glossy materials. Make sure to pick durable countertop material that will withstand water and heavy use. Quartz and solid surface materials are great options. Include drawers and pull-out shelves for concealed storage.

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Freestanding Bathtub

A freestanding soaking tub is a dramatic focal point for a large bathroom. Place it near a window to create a spa-like vibe. Look for vintage clawfoot styles or sleek contemporary ones to match your decor. Be sure to position it away from the main traffic areas within the bathroom. Install a floor-mounted tub filler or wall-mounted faucet for convenience.

Freestanding tubs make a stylish statement. Let the tub take center stage by leaving the space around it open. White, black, or neutral-colored tubs suit any decor. For added luxury, look for tubs made from exotic materials like copper or volcanic limestone. Include a tray beside the tub for bath oils, books, or drinks. Opt for a tub with integrated shelving or a side table for holding your tub time necessities.

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Walk-in Shower

Expansive bathrooms present the perfect opportunity to install a luxurious walk-in shower. Choose a huge rainfall showerhead and body sprays for a total immersion experience. Use floor-to-ceiling marble, tile, or glass for a seamless look. Include a built-in bench and shelves for shower essentials. For easy maintenance, select waterproof shower flooring like pebble floors, tiles, or wet room technology.

Customize your walk-in shower to suit your needs. Multiple shower heads provide relaxing coverage from all angles. Body sprays let you target sore muscles or wash your hair with ease. Include a hand-held shower wand for cleaning the shower or bathing pets. Built-in shelving provides space for shower products. Look for niches to hold shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. A bench gives you a place to rest or shave your legs.

Minimize shower cleaning by using squeegees after each use. Reduce mildew growth with an exhaust fan, mold-resistant grout, and water-repellent shower surfaces. Use drain hair catchers to prevent clogs. Schedule annual caulking and grout refreshers to keep things looking pristine.

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Spa Features

Transform your large bathroom into a home spa retreat. Incorporate features like a steam shower, sauna, or soaking tub. You could also include a wall-mounted water fountain, heated floors, towel warmers, and space for candles. Use serene colors like light blue or gray on the walls. Add natural elements like woven baskets, flowers, river rocks, and greenery.

A eucalyptus steam shower delivers soothing moist heat to open pores and detoxify skin. Install a built-in shower seat so you can relax comfortably. Make sure the space includes waterproof lighting and essential oil dispensers. Air jet tubs provide massaging bubbles without losing heat. Consult with electricians about requirements for saunas, which involve proper wiring and ventilation.

Design your dream spa bathroom as a private escape from daily stresses. Hang sheer curtains around the tub area and use candles or dimmable lights. Stock the space with scented soaps, oils, and luxury beauty products. Incorporate storage like shelving, cabinets, and baskets to neatly organize it all. Place potted bamboo or a mini indoor fountain by the sink for a peaceful ambiance. More benefits: The Health Benefits of a Spa Retreat.

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Heated Floors

Heated bathroom floors help take the chill off cold mornings. They also provide comfort underfoot and extend your ability to walk around barefoot. Many options are available, like electric and hydronic systems. Consult with professionals to determine the best choice for your space based on floor construction. Use heated flooring throughout or just in key areas, like near the tub or shower.

Radiant heated flooring comes in convenient mats for electric and water-based systems. Opt for programmable thermostats to control the temperature. Include separate controls for the tub and vanity areas. This allows you to save energy by only heating zones when in use. Look for systems with safety features like automatic shut-off and overheat protection. Choose floor coverings like tile, stone, and resilient materials that effectively conduct and hold heat.

Smart Technology

Smart technology adds both convenience and elegance. Include features like touchscreen controls, motion-activated lighting, heated mirrors, and digital shower systems. Make sure your bathroom is pre-wired for the latest innovations. Work with electricians experienced in home automation and technology integration. Control it all through a central smart home system or your phone.

Some top smart bathroom tech features include:

  • Voice-activated lighting controls to turn lights on and off hands-free
  • Touchscreen panels to preset lighting scenes and music
  • Digital showers with custom temperature and pressure settings
  • Mirror TVs to catch the morning news while getting ready
  • Motion-sensing faucets and toilets that turn on automatically
  • Heated floor tracking to customize zones and use energy efficiently
  • Bluetooth audio connectivity to stream spa playlists or podcasts

Automating your bathroom not only impresses guests but also makes your daily routine more enjoyable. Make sure to incorporate seamless smart home technology controls to maximize convenience.

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Linear Drain Shower

For contemporary appeal, install a bathroom shower with a linear drain. This runs along the wall or floor instead of a standard round drain. The long, clean lines create a minimalist vibe. Customize the look with different drain covers and grate options. Carefully slope the floor toward the linear drain for proper drainage. Keep the shower floor smooth and low-profile.

Linear drains free up floor space since water flows along the perimeter instead of centrally. This allows for larger format tiles, creating a sleek, spa-like look. Extend the drain fully or partially along a wall or the back of the shower. Coordinate the drain finish with other metallic fixtures for a cohesive look. For easy cleaning, look for linear drain covers that lift out or are removable.

The proper slope is crucial for linear drain performance. Hire experienced contractors familiar with calculating and creating the correct slope. Use a laser level to check that the slope directs water flow completely to the drain. Thoroughly test the shower and make slope adjustments as needed. Apply silicone caulk along the wall and drain edges to prevent leakage.

Air Jet Tub

Pamper yourself with an air jet soaking tub in your large bathroom. Look for models that provide total-body massage through heated air bubbles. Standard jet tubs use water propulsion, while air versions maintain temperature better. Install mood lighting around the tub and include bubble baths on a nearby shelf. Place a waterproof TV within sight for movie nights in the tub.

Air jet tubs are energy efficient since they use heated air instead of pumping and reheating water. Look for ergonomic designs with contours and lumbar support for relaxation. Make sure to choose durable tub materials like acrylic that resist scratches and stains. Install access panels if choosing built-in tub designs. This allows access to equipment for maintenance and repairs.

Surround your soaking tub with calming design elements. Use soft towels in neutral beachy colors folded on floating shelves. Place glass vases with pebbles or seashells to enhance the spa vibe. Install sconces above the tub for ambient mood lighting. Include organic touches like framed pictures of ocean waves or seagrasses in woven baskets.

Smart Storage

Stay organized in a big bathroom with plenty of smart storage options. For a clean look, incorporate cupboards with shaker-style doors and drawers with hidden handles. Include pull-out shelves in vanities and medicine cabinets. Store towels on wall-mounted racks or ladders. Under-sink drawers and rollout trays keep items hidden but easily accessible.

Maximize every inch by looking for dual-purpose furniture that combines storage and function. Island vanities or cabinets can offer folding laundry sorting bins and hampers. Look for bath benches or stools with lift-up storage inside. Use wall niches and cubbies to hold toiletries in the shower area. Incorporate glass cabinets to display pretty soaps and candles while keeping them dust-free.

Include plenty of drawers in multiple sizes to neatly organize all your bathroom items. Use drawer organizers, dividers, and trays to further customize the space. Install pull-out shelves and slide-out racks near the sink to easily access toiletries. Keep frequently used items like hairbrushes out while tucking extras in drawers.

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Spa-like Ambiance

Finishing touches transform a large bathroom into a relaxing home spa retreat. Incorporate calming colors like pale blue or green on the walls. Look for lighting fixtures like wall sconces, vanity lights, and pendant lamps in polished chrome or bronze. Add natural elements like woven baskets, potted plants, wooden storage, and flowers. Use candles, soft rugs, mellow artwork, and privacy window coverings.

Set the mood with a monochromatic color palette. Layer white, cream, and tan shades on the walls, towels, shower curtains, and accessories. Incorporate texture with nubby linen towels, fluffy bathmats, and unique art pieces. Handle clutter by stowing everything possible in cupboards, drawers, and baskets. Use high-quality organisation products so items feel spa-worthy.

Appeal to the senses to create a rejuvenating ambiance. Play soft instrumental or nature playlists to relax the mind. Fill the space with soothing scents using candles, essential oils, or relaxing bath soaks. Provide visual tranquility with calming artwork, flowers, and greenery. Offer touchable warmth with heated floors, plush rugs, and cozy towels. Designing for all senses results in the ultimate spa at home.

Get Inspired

A spacious bathroom presents the perfect canvas to design your dream oasis. Keep these on-trend large bathroom ideas in mind as you plan out your luxurious yet functional retreat. Think about who will use the space and how you can customize it for their needs. Create an opulent getaway for soaking and relaxing that also works for your morning and evening routines. With smart planning and design, your palatial bathroom will become the ultimate place to refresh, rejuvenate, and decompress.

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