How to Add Privacy to a Bathroom Window

How to Add Privacy to a Bathroom Window?

Want to add privacy to your exposed bathroom window but still let light in? Discover simple window film, curtains, shutters and more - effortlessly transform any bathroom window!


Having a window in your bathroom can let in beautiful natural light and ventilation. However, it can also make you feel exposed and lacking in privacy. If your bathroom window faces the street or neighboring buildings, you may want to find ways to obscure the view while still allowing light to filter through. There are several easy and affordable options for adding privacy to a bathroom window.

Use Window Film

One of the simplest ways to add privacy is by applying window film. This thin plastic film sticks directly onto the glass. You can choose frosted window films that blur the view from the outside while allowing light through. Tinted or mirrored films also prevent people from peeking during the daytime.

Window film comes in various tint levels, from light obscuration to totally opaque. Measure the window and cut the film to size. Thoroughly clean the glass first to allow the film to adhere properly. Apply a spray solution around the edges to activate the adhesive. Then, smooth the film into place, working from the center outward to avoid bubbles and wrinkles.

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Installing window film is a quick, reversible way to increase bathroom privacy. It can be easily removed later on without damaging the window. Just be aware that darker films will reduce the amount of natural light coming into the bathroom.

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Hang Curtains or Blinds

Another simple option is hanging curtains or blinds on the window. Choose fabrics and materials that suit the bathroom's style. For privacy, select tightly woven, opaque fabrics like heavy cotton, linen, or faux silk. Solid curtains in light colors can give a soft, diffused lighting effect.

For easy cleaning, synthetic water-resistant fabrics like polyester or microfiber work well. You can also find curtains made from moisture-wicking cloth or lined with waterproof PEVA. These will stand up to splashes and humidity.

If you prefer the look of blinds, aluminum, and vinyl options are water-resistant and easy to wipe down. Adjustable slats let you control the privacy level and light flow. Add side channels to the window frame to fully block peripheral views when the blinds are closed.

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Install Shutters

Interior shutters are another way to cover a bathroom window attractively. They have adjustable louvers that can tilt open and closed. Fully closing the louvers provides complete privacy. Angling them offers some visibility outside while obscuring straight-on views.

Wood, faux wood, and composite shutters are suitable for bathrooms since they resist moisture well. Look for shutters with water-resistant finishes and hardware. Consider moisture-wicking fabrics if your shutters have cloth inserts. Size the shutters to fully cover the window frame. Mount them securely and make sure they open and close smoothly.

Add Frosted or Obscured Glass

For a permanent solution, replace the existing glass in the window with frosted or obscured glass. This glass has been treated during manufacturing to diffuse the view. Acid etching creates tiny irregularities in the surface that scatter the light. Spraying the hot glass with chemicals can produce a similar effect.

The obscured glass comes in different privacy levels, from lightly frosted to completely opaque. Measure the window openings to get the glass cut to the right size. Frosted tempered glass works well for bathrooms because it has safety properties if shattered.

Install the new glass into the existing window sashes. Using obscured glass filters light in a pleasant way while hiding the view of what's on the other side. It cannot be reversed like detachable window treatments. But it adds inherent privacy and aesthetic appeal.

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Add Exterior Screens

If the main privacy concern is neighbors or pedestrians being able to see in through the bathroom window, add exterior screens. Set back a few inches from the window, exterior screens create a barrier that prevents direct visibility.

They can be made from solid materials like wood, composite boards, or vinyl. Louvered panels work well, too, letting air and light through while blocking straight-line viewing. Exterior screens maintain your privacy while still allowing you to have an open window for ventilation.

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Add Exterior Shutters or Blinds

Much like interior treatments, exterior shutters, and blinds can also increase privacy. Mount them to window trim or siding on either side of the window. Look for durable, weather-resistant materials like aluminum or vinyl.

Exterior shutters should be sized to the window opening to provide full coverage when closed. Hinged blinds can tilt open partially to let in ventilation and filtered light. Closing exterior shutters also provides insulation and storm protection. However, they block all light when fully closed.

Plant Tall Shrubs and Trees

Landscaping outside the window is another way to increase privacy. Plant tall, dense shrubs directly in front of the window. Evergreens like arborvitae keep foliage year-round. Deciduous bushes will lose leaves in winter but typically grow back thicker each year.

Position trees like maples, oaks, and conifers to screen the view from further away. Place them at least 5 feet from the foundation so the roots don't damage it. Choose both male and female trees to ensure pollination so you get seeds, flowers, and fruit production. Fertilize and prune the trees as needed.

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Replace with Obscured Bathroom Glass Block Window

For a complete renovation, consider replacing the window entirely with a glass block window. These are constructed from small obscured glass blocks set into frames and mortar. Horizontal and vertical mortar joints break up the view. Textured or colored glass blocks provide additional visual obscurity.

Glass block windows let in light while maintaining privacy. They are also highly insulating and durable. If ventilation is needed, leave a vent gap at the top and install a matching obscure glass block on the exterior. This allows air flow while still providing privacy.


Interior window treatments often provide the quickest, most affordable way to increase bathroom privacy. But exterior options like landscaping, screens, shutters, and window film can also be effective. Consider the level of light and visibility you want to maintain from the interior side. Bathroom windows can balance aesthetics, privacy, and functionality with the right solutions.

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