Dropshipping presents an opportunity for high profits. As our co-partner, you’ll receive detailed instructions and free training when you join our dropshipping program.


1. How dropshipping works?

First, sign up for the program by contacting us at dropshipping@elegantshowersau.com. We warmly welcome shop keepers with online stores or physical stores (except Amazon and Ebay). You do not have to purchase any merchandise until you have sold our products and collected the money from your customer. Then you purchase the item from us, and we ship it directly to your customer.

2. Why participate in our dropshipping program?

    *This allows you to sell a broad range of products without investment.
    *There is no expensive inventory or warehouse to maintain.
    *You do not have to spend time on packaging or mailing the merchandise.
    *You can use our pictures and descriptions to help you in your sales.
    *There is no minimum order. Buy as little or as much as you like.
    *elegantshowers.com.au will ship your order with our local Warehouse in 3 days.

    3. How many different levels are there for dropshipping co-partners?

        For Dropshipping co-partners, there are 3 kinds of ID Levels:
         *VIP Preliminary
         *VIP Medium

    4. What is the difference between these dropshipping ID levels?

    ID levels will be clarified by the Drop-shipping Account Amount(DAA) in a month.

    For example:
    Your initial ID level begins at Pre-VIP, after the total order amounts exceeds 1000 AUD for the month. At that point, please contact us and we will upgrade your ID level (According to your last month's order amounts), and you will enjoy the latest discount associated with your ID level for the new month.
    *If the order amountor Orders monthly does not meet the required amount for the corresponding account ID level, your account ID level will decreased to the previous level.
    *Please note if you don‘t have any orders in 3 months, your dropping account will be cancelled.

    ID Level Drop-shipping Account Amount(DAA)
    Pre-VIP 0-1,000 AUD
    VIP Preliminary 1,001-3,000 AUD
    VIP Medium 3,001-10,000 AUD

    5. What are the benefits associated with the different dropshipping Client ID Levels?

    For different Drop-shipping ID levels, there are different discount rates.

    ID Level Discount Rate
    Pre-VIP 8% off
    VIP Preliminary 10% off
    VIP Medium 12% off

    6. We guarantee none of the followings will happen when we dropshipto your clients.

    1) We will NOT include the prices paid for the merchandise.
    2) We will NOT contact with your customers in any way.

    7. How to join ElegantshowersDropshipping ?

    In order to join the Elegantshowers Dropshipping Program, you must first create an account at elegantshowers.com.au. Send a message to dropshipping@elegantshowersau.com. Please include ”Dropshipping” in the subject line. An ID level will be assigned after you’ve created an account and sent an email showing you’ve created an account.



    The Elegantshowers Team