Single vs. Double Sink Vanities: Which Is Better?

Single vs. Double Sink Vanities: Which Is Better?

Debating between a single or double sink vanity for your bathroom remodel? Compare the pros and cons of each option and learn 6 key factors to consider before deciding.
Single Sink Vanity Double Sink Vanity
Size More compact, fits smaller bathrooms Requires minimum 60" of wall space
Plumbing Simpler with one sink More complex with two sinks
Cost Lower material and installation cost Higher cost with two sinks
Usage Best for single user Allows simultaneous use by two people
Storage Less counter and cabinet storage Greater storage capacity
Style Clean, minimalist look Luxurious, spa-like aesthetic

Quick answer: Choosing between a single or double sink vanity depends on your bathroom size, plumbing layout, design tastes, and how many people will use the bathroom. For smaller spaces or solo usage, a single vanity may be ideal. But couples or families may prefer a double vanity for the added convenience.

Ultimately, consider your specific needs and bathroom constraints to determine which option suits your home best.


Bathroom vanities are available in single and double-sink designs. A single vanity has one basin and faucet, while a double vanity couples two sinks side-by-side. The choice impacts your bathroom’s workflow, storage, aesthetics, and budget.

Below, we’ll explore the unique benefits of each vanity style and important factors to consider before deciding between a single or double sink setup for your next bathroom remodel.

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Benefits of a Single-Sink Vanity

  • More Compact - leaving more floor areas open in smaller bathrooms. Their compact size allows for flexible positioning.
  • Simpler Plumbing - Only one sink and one faucet means simpler water supply and drain piping. Singles may fit existing plumbing configurations better.
  • Cost-Effective - Single vanities have lower material and installation costs with one sink instead of two, making them the budget-friendly choice.
  • Easier Organization - Keeping one sink clean and clutter-free is simpler than maintaining order across two sinks. Singles stay tidy with minimal effort.

Benefits of a Double Sink Vanity

  • Simultaneous Use - Couples can get ready together, with each person having their own dedicated sink space for toiletries and grooming.
  • Enhanced Efficiency - Double the sinks allows for faster prep and less waiting when two or more people need to use the bathroom.
  • More Storage - Double vanities provide greater surface area and feature more storage cabinets, drawers, and countertop space.
  • Luxurious Styling - His and hers sinks create a spa-like upscale ambience, ideal for larger master bathrooms.

Key Factors to Consider

Bathroom Size

  • Measure the total dimensions of your bathroom space and create a layout plan. More layout are here:

    Bathroom Design Ideas And Inspiration - Elegant Showers

     This will help visualise what will fit.
  • Experts recommend a minimum of 60 inches of clear wall space for a double vanity. Singles can fit into smaller 25-30-inch spaces.
  • Consider traffic flow around the vanity - door swings and passages to the shower/toilet. Leave 21-24 inches clearance from vanity for comfort.
  • A double vanity is only feasible if you have an adequately sized bathroom. Be realistic about available square footage.

 More info about bathroom size: Smart Bathroom,DIY your Big Style---SUNNY SHOWER DIY Showing


Single vs. Double Sink Vanities



  • Back-to-back plumbing with drains and hot/cold supply lines in the vanity centre is ideal for doubles. This minimises pipe rerouting.
  • If existing plumbing is off-centre, the costs and complexity of rerouting supply and drain lines for two sinks may be prohibitive.
  • Inspect the current placement of water supply valves, drain pipes, and shut-off valves before planning a layout.
  • Hire a professional plumber to evaluate your existing setup if you want to switch from single to double vanity.

Daily Use

  • For master baths, double vanities are highly useful for couples with conflicting morning routines. No waiting to use the sink!
  • In kids' or guest baths that see intermittent single usage, doubles provide less utility since people are not using them simultaneously often.
  • If you frequently have visitors staying over who need to share the bathroom, the dual sink access of a double vanity simplifies hosting.

Design Tastes

  • Those wanting a glamorous master bath look prefer dual sinks for the spa-like vibe.
  • Minimalists should weigh if the cleaner look of a single vanity better suits their aesthetic vision for the space.
  • Remember that double vanities require substantially more visual real estate - ensure they align with your desired style.


When designing your dream bathroom, consider how you use the space daily. Couples or families may gravitate toward double vanities for busy mornings, while singles are ideal for guest baths rarely used simultaneously.

Measure your bathroom carefully, and get professional input on plumbing to determine viable arrangements. With an array of styles to browse, you can find a vanity that optimises function and provides beautiful form.