Smart Bathroom,DIY your Big Style---SUNNY SHOWER DIY Showing

Smart Bathroom,DIY your Big Style---SUNNY SHOWER DIY Showing

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The most previous 70's bathroom size measures 8 by 5 feet, just enough room for a toilet, a single sink and a shower or shower-bathtub combination. You may think that you can't do more with an area of this size, but you'd be wrong.

Here, let us to DIY a bathroom, to show that some dimensions showcase clever ways to create virtual and literal space, and how to make big style statements on budgets small and large.

Bathroom Location:Melbourne

Cost:About $6,000

Designer:Elegant Showers Australia

BEFORE: Everything in this house was in good shape but "frozen in the 1980s". In this small bathroom, vinyl covered almost everything, and an unnecessary wall and tub made the space feel so crowded.

AFTER: We removed the tub and wall, opened up the space, using Carrara marble tile on the walls and floor, which bright the whole bathroom and bring the room into the current decade.
We also change the plumbing, electrical and insulation, which is a big project, but we think it is important for the future house master. You know, these homes were builted in about the 1950s and '70s,you can see their time. We can't find the problems except that you broke the wall to check and you will see dry rot, termite-infested wood, especial for some important places, you must fix them. It won't fix what's wrong inside the walls if you just putting new tile down.

If you plan to remodel a old bathroom, we think you need build a 10 to 20 percent contingency into your budget, because you do not know what quality a previous master instituted. If you want to get an incredible deal about remodeling your bathroom, our design budget and bathroom products will help you, this is our online shower doors store for your reference.

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