21 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas That Won’t Make The Space Look Crammed

21 Clever Hacks to Maximize Storage in Your Teeny Tiny Bathroom

Creative Small Bathroom Storage Solutions to Maximize Your Space
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Updated: August 29, 2023

Trying to cram all your belongings into a tiny bathroom can feel hopeless. But with some clever small bathroom storage hacks, you can transform those awkward nooks and corners into smart organizing solutions. Read on for 21 ingenious ideas to make the most of every square inch.


  • Small bathrooms present organizing challenges with limited storage space.
  • Strategic use of walls, under sinks, showers, doors, and other areas can add needed storage.
  • Solutions range from simple DIY projects to full bathroom remodels with built-in storage.
  • Smart storage keeps items organized, accessible yet discreet, and prevents cluttered look.

Clever Wall Storage Solutions

Wall space is prime real estate for storage in small bathrooms. Here are ways to utilize walls effectively:

1. Install Shelving Above Toilet

  • Put wasted space above toilet to use with shelving or cabinet.
  • Provides storage for extra toilet paper, air fresheners, candles, and other bathroom supplies.
  • For quick DIY option, use wire shelves ↗ or baskets. For built-in look, add enclosed cabinet.

2. Use Medicine Cabinets

3. Install Floating Shelves

  • Floating shelves add open storage with clean, modern look.
  • Can be mounted above toilet or vanity.
  • Great for storing folded towels, toiletries, and decorative items.

4. Install Shower Niche

  • Built-in shower niche provides space for shampoo, soap, razors.
  • Keeps items tidy and organized, yet hidden when not in use.
  • Size, depth, and location can be customized to your space.
small bathroom storage ideas

Maximize Vanity and Under Sink Storage

Bathroom vanities and the space under sinks offer prime real estate for bathroom storage.

5. Add Drawers and Cabinets

  • Vanities with drawers and cabinet doors optimize storage.
  • Drawers ↗ keep necessities neatly organized yet out of sight.
  • Cabinets provide room for bulky hair dryers, curling irons, etc.

6. Install Pull-Out Shelving

  • Make most of tight under-sink space with roll-out trays and slide-out shelving.
  • Creates easy access without rummaging on hands and knees.

7. Add Door Organizers

  • Utilize back of bathroom door by hanging over-the-door racks ↗ or pockets .
  • Provides a home for towels and robes.

8. freestanding Storage Units

  • Supplement existing storage with freestanding bathroom organizers like: Towel ladder Tiered carts Shelving units
  • Can be rolled or tucked away as needed.
small bathroom storage ideas

Shower & Bathtub Storage Solutions

Showers and bathtubs themselves can provide prime storage real estate using these ideas:

9. Corner Caddies

  • Adhesive corner caddies stick to shower walls without drilling.
  • Offers easy access to shampoos and soaps while bathing.

10. Use Tension Poles

  • Span corner to corner with tension pole shower caddy.
  • Adjustable height finds optimal space.
  • Keep essentials in easy reach.

11. Add Storage Benches

  • Use a storage bench in tub or shower area.
  • Functions as extra seating and discreetly stashes towels, toiletries.
  • Look for waterproof storage options.

small bathroom storage ideas

Smart Hardware & Accessories

Bathroom accessories present simple ways to add storage in small spaces:

12. Metal Wire Shelving

  • Easy to install metal shelves ↗ are affordable and customizable to fit.
  • Can mount on wall or use freestanding. Keep towels, toilet paper handy.

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13. Wall-Mounted Toiletry Dispensers

  • Reduce clutter by installing wall-mounted soap, lotion, toothbrush holders.
  • Options like interlocking cubes keep items neatly organized.

14. Suction Cup Organizers

  • Stick stainless steel or plastic suction shelves right in shower.
  • Instant storage and organization anywhere.

15. Tension Rod Accessories

  • Run tension rods across corners for hanging corner baskets or caddies.
  • Discreetly adds storage without permanent installation.

small bathroom storage ideas

Storage-Maximizing Remodels & Built-Ins

For the ultimate small bathroom organization, consider full remodels with these storage-boosting ideas:

16. Recessed Alcoves

  • Build out recesses and alcoves for shampoo, towels, toilet paper.
  • Seamlessly integrates storage into overall design.

17. Use Sliding Barn Doors

  • Barn-style sliding doors on cabinets maximize space.
  • No swinging clearance required.

18. Built-In Tall Cabinets

  • Custom cabinets built floor-to-ceiling add massive storage.
  • Optimize corner dead zones.

19. Extend Storage Above Toilet

  • Fully utilize awkward space above toilet with custom cabinetry.
  • Discreetly tuck away extra TP, towels, and toiletries.

20. Full-Height Mirror Cabinets

  • A full-height cabinet behind the mirror becomes built-in storage.
  • Conceal everything discretely.

21. Compartmentalized Drawers

  • Customize drawers with internal dividers for ultimate organization.
  • A place for everything and everything in its place.


A small bathroom makes storage challenging, but smart solutions can maximize every inch. With clever racks, cabinets, built-ins, and other organizing ideas, you can create a tidy, clutter-free space. Focus on making the most of vertical walls and overlooked niches. Prioritize dual-purpose furniture and discreet designs. With a little creativity, even the tiniest bathroom can be a model of form and function.

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