How to DIY Your Bathroom with style of Simplicity and Sophisticated

How to DIY Your Bathroom with style of Simplicity and Sophisticated

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Want to DIY your own bathroom but have no idea where to begin? Here are some simple tips may help you in your bathroom renovation.

Elegant Showers Bathroom Design

Must have a freestanding bathtub

 Nothing can say modern more in the bathroom than having a freestanding bathtub. Combines maximum comfort with a fashionable appearance for the ultimate in luxury. Excellent for spacious bathrooms but also able to be used in smaller bathrooms against a wall. It is always unmissable in any modern bathroom design.

Elegant Showers Freestanding Bathtub

 Bring in an elegant shower screen

 This one was definitely a tough choice. Want a elegance and sophistication shower screen but feel embarrassed with the limited bathroom space? I highly recommend this frameless sliding one, features with striking stainless steel hardward and distinguished frameless glass style, completes a simple look with luxury style. Sliding opening way also make it a good option to improve efficiency in the use of space. Excellent combination of beauty and usability, as well as simple structure of installation, makes it to be favorite choice for DIY bathroom innovation.

 Choose the layered lighting

 To most of bathroom, pendant light can’t be excepted to installed for safety reason. To make your space, and particularly your mirrors well-lit, you need a good layered lighting scheme, a LED light up mirror is a good choice. Using lights that glow from beside, above or behind the mirror will light your face properly so you don’t miss a spot during your morning routine.

It’s better to choose a LED mirror with anti-fog function, so you can get a clear image anytime even in the dark humid bathroom environment.


 Install a heated towel rail

 No matter how luxury your bathroom may be, you’ll probably face a problem, the damp environment makes things easily to get mildewed, and it also drives you mad to have a bath in the winter season. Install a electric heated towel rail can give you a good solution for problem above. Please remember to choose one with good waterproof performance and Anti leakage function to ensure the use of security. For limited space, you can choose the wall mounted style to saving the space.

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