Tips for Choosing a Beautiful and Practical  Shower Screen

7 Top Tips for Choosing a Beautiful and Practical Shower Screen

7 useful tips for bathroom shower screen option, to help you choose the right one for your own stylish and practical bathroom renovation!

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Nothing makes you feel more pleased than having a bath before beginning a busy day, a beautiful and practical shower enclosure must be the indispensable element in your bathroom. Nevertheless, you are dazzled by the various style shower screen in the market and don’t know which is the right one? Here are 7 smart tips – as well as mistakes to avoid – that will ensure your bathroom boasts form as well as function.

Elegant Showers Curved Sliding Shower Screen choosing tips

1. Products with humanization design

The research and development design is the basis and the premise of the manufacturing of the shower screen. The three aspects of it need to be fully considered:

  • Security: Rationality of structure and material of the hardware
  • Dry wet separation: really reach the effect of Waterproof from every detail, fully achieved dry wet zone separation
  • Details of humanity: makes every user feel convenient and comfortable  

2. Product Certifications

Quality inspection certificate &National standard certificate directly presents the performance and quality of the products. In Australia, only the shower screen with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 2208:1996 Certification(items with PAS-Mark), can be considered as the qualified items.

Without it, the certified plumber will refuse to install the items for you. Also, the A-Mark is your guarantee that you are purchasing a high quality product, suitable for Australian conditions, which can be legally and safely installed in your home.

Australian Standard AS/NZS 2208:1996 Certification: A PAS-Mark

3.The Glass

Good glass is with high transparency, no stain, no bubble

Low purity of the material or defective workmanship will make stains and bubbles appear on the surface of the glass, the hardness and strength of the glass will be largely reduced.

Glass glass comes with PAS-Mark

PAS-Mark is the short of Australian Standard AS/NZS 2208:1996 Certification, an important indicator of qualified products.

Should be the fully toughened glass

Most of products on the market say they are made of toughened glass. But do you know, the toughened glass can be divided into two parts, fully toughened glass and half strengthened glass?

Fully Toughened glass is belong to the safety glass, generally, chemical or physical methods are used to form compressive stresses on the surface of glass, the glass can first offsets the surface stress of external force, so as to improve the bearing capacity, impact property, and high and low temperature performance of reinforced glass.

The surface stress of tempered glass is: 69~168 Mpa, its characteristic is the small obtuse particles formed when glass is btoken, will not cause significant harm to the human body. While the surface stress of half tempered glass is below 69Mpa,only 24~69 Mpa, sharp fragment will form just like the common glass when being broken, it’s not in the range of safety glass. The impact strength and thermal stability of the fully toughened glass is 3 times higher than the half toughened glass.


4.The frame material

the hardness of the Aluminium frame

Aluminum frame needs to support the weight of dozens of kilograms or even hundreds of kilograms of glass, if frame is made of the low hardness and strength Aluminum, the shower screen can’t serve you for a long time. The qualified thickness of the Aluminum frame should be 1.2mm or above, and for the top rail, the thickness should be above 1.5mm. And the hardness can be tested by hand pressing, Aluminum with hardness above 13 degrees can hardly be deforming by hand pressing

with smooth surface finish, no color difference and stain,

the color difference and stain will appear on the surface of Secondary waste aluminum or ones with low purity because of its low surface smoothness.

Good items are made of Aviation grade high quality Aluminum, the hardness are strictly controlled  in the range of 13-14 degree, the purity is up to 95%, the thickness is 1.5-3.0mm,some places are high up to 4-6mm,durable and being not easy to deform, conform to national and international standards, with long service life.


the adjustment of wall channel or wall bracket

There is almost no completely even wall for shower screen installation. Because of the tilt of the wall and deviation installation, the angulation of the glass connected to the wall may occur and cause the glass shattering. So the adjustment of wall channel or wall bracket is necessary.

Stability of the support bar

The support bar is an important support to ensure the stability of the shower screen. The Hardness and strength of the support bar is the important guarantee of the impact resistance of the shower screen. It is recommended not to use the scalable one, it’s usually not strong enough.

Hardware technology: good quality hardware are usually made of qualified SS304,which is with high hardness, bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, beautiful surface and easy to maintain. Every ELEGANT SHOWERS stainless steel hardwares are designed, mounded, and manufactured independently, we choose the standard SS304, adopt advanced processing equipment, and follow multiple rigorous procedures to produce high quality hareware with mirror finish.



Material and Seal of the wheel seat

The wheel seat of the rollor need to be made of the good compressive materials like SS304, High -grade synthetic materials. Good seal of the wheel seat is necessary for the waterproof of the rollor, and ensures the smooth sliding.

Compatibility between rollor and sliding rail

Pulley and rail should be closely matched, the gap need to be smaller, it will be not easy to fall off when the external force is hit, so as to avoid the safety accident.

Pulley Technology: pulleys are the core parts of sliding shower enclosure, only the pulley with reasonable structure, good quality material can guarantee the long service life and the safety. Elegant Showers Frameless Sliding shower door adopts excellent SS304 rollor, which has passed over 100,000 times Anti fatigue push pull test, can ensure the service life of 10 years


7.Watertightness of the shower screen

The followings are the main observation sites of the watertightness.

  • The connected site between the shower screen and wall
  • Door and door seams
  • Junction between shower screen and base or tile floor
  • Watertightness between Water Seal Strips

Can the tips above give any useful ideas about the option of shower screen? If you are interested with our ideas or want to share your own story with us,welcome to our website