Do You Need Vanity Lights if You Have an LED Mirror

Do You Need Vanity Lights if You Have an LED Mirror?

Not sure if you need vanity lights, LED mirror lights, or both for your bathroom? This comprehensive guide explains the difference between the two types of lighting and offers tips to determine the best setup tailored to your space and priorities.
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When designing bathroom lighting, there are two main options: LED mirror lights and vanity lights. LED lights are embedded in the mirror to provide focused task lighting for applying makeup and grooming. Vanity lights are fixtures on the wall that give ambient lighting and complement the decor. While LED lights offer ideal task lighting, vanity fixtures provide ambience and style. The two work together for ideal bathroom illumination.

LED Mirror Lights Offer Excellent Task Lighting

The primary benefit of bathroom LED mirror lights is the task lighting they provide. Having lighting built right into the mirror provides ideal illumination for common bathroom tasks, as the light is perfectly positioned to brightly and evenly light your face. The LEDs are arrayed in a long, thin strip across the mirror's top and/or sides, angled to distribute light evenly and prevent unflattering shadows.

  • Specific benefits of the task lighting provided by LED mirror lights include:
  • Shadow-free illumination lets you apply makeup smoothly and ensures facial flaws are visible for tasks like shaving or tweezing.
  • Most LED mirrors allow adjusting the colour temperature and brightness. Cooler light is better for daytime makeup application, while warmer tones are more flattering before bed. Dimming prevents over-illumination.
  • No need to install separate lighting on the wall or clutter up the vanity with free-standing lights. The streamlined built-in lights are space-saving.
  • LED bulbs last up to 10 years and use minimal energy. Long-lasting and energy efficient.

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Vanity Lights Add Style and Ambience

However, while LED mirror lights excel at providing focused task lighting, vanity lights play a different but equally important role in the bathroom. Vanity lights provide ambient lighting and accentuate the decor of the space.

Here are some key benefits vanity lighting offers:

  • Provides a soft, diffused glow that fills the entire bathroom space, reducing shadows and making the room bright and airy.
  • A wide range of styles, from sleek and modern to classic and ornate, allow you to coordinate with your bathroom's decor and finishes.
  • Mounted on the wall, they don't take up valuable counter space like free-standing lights.
  • Dimmable vanity lights allow you to control the ambience, setting a bright and perky mood for the morning or a soft glow in the evening.
  • Can incorporate other design elements like glass shades or crystal details to add flair.

So, while LED mirror lights zero in on your face to make grooming tasks easier, vanity lighting sets the mood. The stylish fixtures complement the room's decor and provide overall illumination.

Determining if You Need Both Types of Lighting

Whether you need both LED mirror lights and vanity lighting depends on the size and existing lighting of your bathroom and your lighting priorities. Here are some tips for deciding:

  • Small bathroom? Ambient lighting is especially important to make the space feel open and airy, so vanity lighting is called for.
  • Evaluate the existing lighting layout. If you only have one ceiling fixture providing general light, vanity lights will help eliminate shadows.
  • Decide if you prefer bright, focused task lighting or soft ambient fill lighting. Lighting preferences are personal; not everyone likes brilliant illumination in the morning.
  • LED mirror lighting is essential if you have limited surface space on your vanity and need the focused light for makeup, shaving, etc.
  • Vanity lights are key for complementing your bathroom's design aesthetic. Click here if you want to know more about aesthetic: 10 Modern Bathrooms That Will Inspire Serious Jealousy If decor is a priority, select fixtures that align with the finishes, style and mood you want to create.
  • In a master bath or other spacious bathroom, there's room for both types of lighting to serve different needs.

Consider the physical space and your own lighting priorities and habits to determine if LED mirror lights alone meet your needs or if the addition of vanity lighting is warranted.


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For proper bathroom lighting, include both LED mirror lights and vanity fixtures. LED lights offer shadow-free lighting for makeup and grooming tasks. Vanity lights give attractive ambient lighting and tie in your decorative scheme. Evaluate your bathroom size and lighting needs. In most cases, LED mirror lighting combined with stylish vanity fixtures creates the perfect lighting balance. Your bathroom can be fully brightened and stylish with this coordinated lighting approach.

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