Corner Showers Made Easy: How to Install a Corner Entry Shower Screen?

Corner Showers Made Easy: How to Install a Corner Entry Shower Screen?

Master the art of installing corner shower screens in small bathrooms with our comprehensive DIY guide! Learn measurement tips, tools needed, and step-by-step instructions.


Corner showers can be an ideal way to maximize space in smaller bathrooms. But installing a shower screen on a corner entry shower can be tricky, especially since the walls are not parallel. With the proper tools and technique, however, installing a corner shower screen is definitely a DIY-friendly job for any homeowner. The key is to measure accurately, account for the taper of the walls, and allow room for proper sealing and caulking.

Tools and Materials Checklist

  • Corner shower screen - Choose either frameless glass or an aluminum frame. The frameless glass will require more precise installation but provides a sleeker look. Aluminum frame screens are more forgiving but may appear more utilitarian.Get more info for material: Shower Screen Materials: A Breakdown of Aluminum, Steel and Glass Options
  • Measuring tape - Use a measuring tape to precisely measure the dimensions of your corner shower and entry point. Double-check all measurements to ensure accuracy.
  • Shims - Shims are wedge-shaped pieces of wood or plastic used to level surfaces that are not even. Have an assortment of shims on hand, just in case.
  • Sealant - You will need a waterproof sealant or caulk to seal any gaps between the screen and shower walls to prevent leaks. Choose a sealant that is specifically for shower and bath use.
  • Drill/driver - A cordless drill or driver will be useful for installing wall inserts, screws, or brackets to affix the screen.
  • Level - A level will help ensure your screen is even for proper operation and prevent leaks.
  • Safety glasses - Drilling, caulking, and installing the screen may produce debris, so safety glasses are recommended to protect your eyes.
  • Rubbing alcohol - Clean the shower walls to remove any dirt or oils before measuring for the screen. Alcohol will not leave any residue that could interfere with caulking or installation.
  • Touch up paint - For any marks left from drilling, have matching touch up paint ready to conceal them for a minimal visual appearance.
  • Wall inserts/brackets - Your shower screen may require screws or anchors to be inserted into the shower walls. Have the proper wall inserts or brackets recommended for your shower screen material.
  • Screwdriver/wrench - A screwdriver or wrench may be needed to secure screws or bolts for your screen. Have the necessary tools ready.
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How to Measure Your Corner Shower Entry?

The key to a successful corner shower screen installation is accurately measuring the entry point. Here are the steps:

  • Clean the walls of the shower entry to remove any dirt or residue. Wipe clean with rubbing alcohol.
  • Measure from the top left corner to the bottom right corner, and from the top right corner to the bottom left corner. The measurements should match a standard square entry. For an angled entry, note the measurement of each wall.
  • Double-check your measurements to ensure accuracy. For an angled entry, measure the taper or "pie slice" of each wall.
  • Note the location of any shelves, taps, or other fixtures so you can account for them in your measurements. You want to ensure any features do not interfere with the proper operation or sealing of your screen.

For a frameless glass screen, it is best to have a glass company do the initial measurements so they can perfectly cut the glass to size. Provide them with any notes about the shower entry taper or unique features. They can even create a template to ensure the best fit.

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How to Install Your Corner Shower Screen?

With the proper measurements in hand, you can now purchase and install your corner shower screen:

  • Purchase your selected shower screen, and provide the measurements if ordering a custom frameless glass screen. For an aluminum frame screen, you may need to adjust the width of the frame to match your exact measurements.
  • Ensure any wall inserts or brackets are installed at the proper mounting points according to the manufacturer's instructions. This step may need to be done before you have the actual shower screen.
  • Apply a generous bead of sealant around the inner edge of the shower entry, including any tapered "pie slice" areas in the corner.
  • Tilt the shower screen into place, pushing it firmly into the sealant. Check that it is level and secure, with the proper swing or slide motion. Add shims as needed to level the screen.
  • Drill the screen into the wall inserts or brackets at the pre-determined mounting points. Secure any remaining points where the screen meets the wall using a sealant for a waterproof seal.
  • Test that the shower screen is properly secured, leveled, and sealed. Add extra sealant or tighten or re-drill as needed.
  • Apply matching touch up paint to any visible drill marks.
  • Run a bead of sealant along the outside edge of the shower screen to seal it along the exterior wall. Smooth with a finger or wiping cloth.
  • Allow 24 to 48 hours for all sealant to cure before using the shower. Clean excess sealant with a utility knife and rubbing alcohol.

More universal install tips: How to Fit a Glass Shower Screen in Australian Homes?


Your beautiful new corner shower screen installation is now complete and keep you ready to enjoy a lifetime of leak-free showers! Be sure to refer to your shower screen's manual for any additional installation or cleaning and care instructions. With the proper technique and by following these steps, installing a corner entry shower screen in your home can be made easy.

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