All products sold by Elegantshowers.com.au are covered by a manufacturers warranty, refer to the individual product information.

  • Shower Screens (glass excluded): 10 year Replacement Warranty Period.
  • SMC Shower Bases: 2 years Replacement Warranty Period.
  • Acrylic Shower Bases: 2 year Replacement Warranty Period.
  • Bathroom furniture: 1 year Replacement Warranty Period.
  • Acrylic Freestanding Baths: 5 years Replacement Warranty Period.
  • Home furniture: 1 year Replacement Warranty Period.


  • Warranty does not apply to goods used improperly.
  • Warranty does not cover unlicensed installations.
  • Warranty does not cover goods installed incorrectly.
  • Warranty does not cover physical damage occurring after installation.
  • Our shower bases must be installed by a professional.

Manufacturing Faults

All our products.g., bathroom, bathroom vanities, bathtub, bathroom vanity units @ elegantshowers are designed by some top designers around the globe and been delivered to its highest standards, so if you notice any manufacturing faults please update us within 30 days of purchase, and we will send a replacement without any further delays.

Need Parts

Elegantshowers-While for some items we have a lifetime warranty, the parts in all of our items (E.g., bathroom, bathroom vanities, bathtub, bathroom vanity units) are offered with a 10years Limited type of Warranty. But you are always welcome to buy the part simply by calling us @ 0397 992 464, but do make sure to have the part number handy as mentioned in the instruction manuals.

Warranty Exceptions

All goods reported as faulty will be tested by manufacturers, if it is determined the goods are not faulty or if the faults are deemed to be caused by damage or abuse this will void any warranty, goods will be returned to you at your expense and no refund or replacement issued.