Should I Mount a Frameless Shower Door over a Bathtub?

Should I Mount a Frameless Shower Door over a Bathtub?

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As we know, the frameless shower doors are the prominent choices among homeowners these days. Coming with premium prices, they also have a lot of unique advantages that you may enjoy. For instance, with a glass door installed over a bathtub, we add a touch of genius to our ordinary bathroom besides preventing the water damages.

But should you really mount a frameless shower door over a bathtub?

The answer is here, be it positive or negative.

Yes: Mounting a Frameless Shower Door over a Bathtub

Yes, you should mount a frameless shower door over a bathtub.

The frameless shower doors series is a personal, minimalist and modernist touch of genius, and that’s what drives you to make it installed over your bathtub.

Speaking of it, Sunny Shower is presenting a bathtub shower door, a frameless hinged bathtub door, with 5/16" glass panel, chrome finish, 48" W x 58" H, and a support bar included.

Also suitable for installation on any straight bathtub.

As far as we are concerned, to carry out such an installation is way easier than you think, compared with the other series of shower enclosure. Yet it’s a tough job for a beginner or a green hand - some people may be tired of gluing, caulking, cutting, or drilling.

Fortunately, you may call us at

0397 992 464

for further advice, after checking out our measuring guides.

No: There are Alternatives for You

Now you’ve come to realize that the frameless series is not born for everyone.

Be it the frameless shower doors or semi-frameless, your daily stuff should be blended into your interior design style, to look sharper. To some extent, the frameless one is not as stable as the framed ones.

So the semi-frameless bypass 2-way sliding bathtub door presented by Sunny Shower, with 1/4" clear glass, chrome finish - so-called ‘B020-6062CC’, may be a good choice.

And I would love to share some featured voices from one of Sunny’s customers with you:


This shower door is great. Looks beautiful, and for the price you can't beat it. Install was a little tricky, but take your time and follow directions and it's easy enough.

I did 90% myself, and only needed a second set of hands when maneuvering the completed frame and glass into position. Of course you have to do this twice, once to line it up and mark the holes, and again when the holes are drilled.

It looks great, works perfect…Very happy with this shower door.                 
                                                                                      Renee Wilkinson, July 30 2017


Whatever Your Needs, Elegant Shower Has It

The answer is here, be it positive or negative. Whether you want a frameless minimal design, a frosted glass or one that’s semi-frameless, Sunny Shower has what you’re looking for.

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