How Much is it to Replace a Shower Door in 2024

How Much is it to Replace a Shower Door in 2024?

Eager to upgrade your bathroom? Learn how to replace shower doors affordably in 2024 with our Australian homeowner's guide.
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In 2024, Australian homeowners can anticipate the cost of replacing a shower door to range typically between AUD $531 and $797. However, this is merely a baseline; actual expenses may vary due to several factors including door style, materials, and unique installation requirements.

Read on and get to know the cost breakdown of shower door replacement in Australia this year and some cost-saving tips.

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Shower Door Replacement Cost by Door Type

When deciding shower door replacements in Australia, it's crucial to understand how the type of door you select can influence the overall cost:

Door Type


Average Cost (AUD)

Key Factors Affecting Cost

Framed Doors

Traditional, with a metal frame around the glass.

Easier to install and more cost-effective.

$350 - $600

Metal type, glass thickness, finish.

Frameless Doors

Modern look without a frame.

Requires thicker glass and more complex installation.

$600 - $1,200

Glass thickness, hardware, installation complexity.

Sliding Doors

Ideal for compact spaces, slide along a track.

Range from simple to high-end designs.

$400 - $1,000

Glass quality, frame material, track system complexity.

Pivot Doors

Swing open like traditional doors, suited for larger spaces.

$500 - $900

Materials, size, installation specifics.

Bi-fold Doors

Fold inwards to save space, providing stylish and functional design.

$450 - $800

Folding mechanism, materials, design complexity.


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Shower Door Replacement Cost by Door Size

Shower Door Size


Average Cost (AUD)

Additional Details

Standard (24" x 72" to 36" x 72")

Fits most common shower openings.

Mass-produced and readily available.

$500 - $700

Lower cost due to standardization.

Straightforward installation.

Large Standard (Up to 36" x 72")

Larger than typical but still within standard range.

$650 - $850

Slightly higher cost due to increased material and labor.

Custom (e.g., 40" x 78")

Made to fit specific measurements.

Requires precise measurement and custom manufacturing.

Starting from $800

Cost increases with size and complexity.

Custom manufacturing and installation required.

The size of the shower door significantly impacts the replacement cost. Standard sizes are generally more affordable, while custom sizes will increase the price. Measure your shower space accurately before obtaining quotes to ensure a precise estimate. Larger doors require more material and labor, thereby raising the overall cost.

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Other Factors That Affect the Cost of Replacing a Shower Door in Australia

Several other elements can influence the total expense of replacing a shower door:

  • Material Quality:The selection of material for your shower door significantly affects both its cost and durability. For instance, opting for standard glass might cost you approximately AUD $200 to $400. In contrast, higher-end materials like tempered glass, known for its safety and durability, can increase the cost to around AUD $400 to $600. If you choose designer glass with special features such as frosting or tinting, prices can escalate to AUD $600 to $800. These options, while more costly, provide enhanced aesthetic appeal and longer-lasting durability. If you are considering different glass options, you might be weighing the benefits of clear versus frosted glass. Each type has its advantages in terms of privacy, light transmission, and maintenance needs. For a detailed comparison that can help you make a more informed decision, read our comprehensive guide on Clear vs. Frosted Glass Shower Doors.
  • Design Complexity:The intricacy of your chosen shower door design plays a pivotal role in the overall cost. A basic framed shower door might set you back AUD $500 to $700. However, if you opt for a frameless design, renowned for its modern and sleek appearance, this could elevate the price to between AUD $800 and $1,200. Adding custom designs or special features like etching can further increase the cost, potentially exceeding AUD $1,500 depending on the complexity and specifics of the design.
  • Installation Challenges:The complexity of the installation directly correlates with the final cost. A standard installation might range from AUD $150 to $300. However, if the installation involves overcoming space constraints, irregular angles, or necessitates additional modifications to your bathroom space, the cost could increase significantly, possibly reaching up to AUD $400 or more. These challenges require more time, expertise, and potentially additional materials, all of which contribute to a higher overall expense. More shower door installation guide here.
  • Additional Repairs:Should your shower door replacement necessitate further bathroom repairs or modifications, this will inevitably affect your budget. For example, minor repairs such as fixing tile work or resealing might add an additional AUD $100 to $200 to your bill. More extensive modifications, like addressing structural issues or extensive water damage, can significantly increase the cost, potentially by AUD $500 to $1,000 or more, depending on the severity and scope of the repairs required.
  • Location: The cost of labor and materials can vary dramatically depending on where you live in Australia. In urban areas, where the cost of living and labor rates are typically higher, you might expect to pay around 20-30% more for installation and materials. For example, installation costs in major cities like Sydney or Melbourne could range from AUD $250 to $500, compared to AUD $150 to $350 in more rural areas.

By considering these detailed factors and the associated costs, you can gain a clearer understanding of what to expect when budgeting for the replacement of your shower door.

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How to Save Money When Replacing a Shower Door

Replacing your shower door doesn't have to break the bank. Here are some tips to save money:

  1. Compare Quotes:Start by gathering multiple quotes from different contractors within your local area. Australia has a wide array of service providers, so prices can vary significantly from one to another. Use platforms like hipages, Oneflare, or local Facebook community groups to find reputable tradespeople. Ensure that the quotes are comprehensive and cover the same scope of work so you can make an accurate comparison.
  2. DIY Where Possible: Australians are known for their DIY spirit. If you have the skills, consider undertaking some parts of the job yourself, such as demolition or the removal of the old shower door. However, for tasks like measuring or installing the new door, unless you are very confident, it’s wise to seek professional help to avoid costly mistakes. Resources like Bunnings Warehouse offer DIY guides and workshops that can be very helpful.
  3. Look for Deals:Keep an eye on sales or discounts at local hardware stores or bathroom supply shops. Australia’s major retailers like Elegant Shower, Bunnings, Reece, or Harvey Norman often have sales, especially during end-of-financial-year periods or major holidays. Signing up for newsletters or following these stores on social media can alert you to upcoming deals.
  4. Maintain Existing Layout:Changing the layout of your shower or bathroom can significantly increase the cost due to the additional work and materials required. In Australia, labor costs can be high, so keeping your new shower door within the existing footprint of your bathroom can lead to substantial savings. Before deciding on a drastic layout change, consider if modifying the existing space could meet your needs.
  5. Recycle or Sell Old Fixtures:If your old shower door or related fixtures are still in decent condition, consider selling them on platforms like Gumtree, eBay, or local buy-swap-sell groups. This can offset some of the new door costs and is also an environmentally friendly option.

By employing these strategies, Australian homeowners can navigate the costs associated with replacing a shower door more effectively, ensuring a balance between quality, functionality, and budget.

Final Words

Replacing a shower door in Australia in 2024 requires thoughtful consideration of various factors, including door type, size, material, and additional costs. By understanding these elements, you can budget accordingly and make choices that align with your needs and preferences.