ELEGANT SHOWERS Diamond Frameless Shower Screen

Our Frameless Shower Enclosure's Evolution


The Evolution semi-frameless shower enclosure features a chic door and conform to many different bathroom layouts. Sunny shower can made to order screens allow for custom and varied configurations. You will find more surprise when you follow our evolution steps,becasue it combines elegant lines with quality components for one and one gorgeous bathroom in our life.

The SUNNY SHOWER framed shower enclosure can be mitre cut or square cut, depending on the customed finished look. It uses 1.5mm aluminum frames and takes 6mm toughened glass. Designed by Sunny Shower’s product development team, the optimization is a polished and refined shower enclosure.

With an emphasis on performance, optimized shower enclosures offer the perfect choices for modern main bathrooms and suites.


The Evolution series features a framed corner shower enclosure for a stable,safe,durable feel. The framed aluminum provide a sustainable look and make the enclosure a familiar feel.


The 45° enclosure better utilises limited bathroom space. This door opening style accommodates the placement of sink and toilet on either side of the shower screen without limiting the door opening.it can be installed onto a shower base or straight onto a tiled floor or tiled hob.

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The addition of an infill panel allows the Evolution to expand to suit larger, family bathrooms, while keeping the door at a comfortable size. The semi-frameless door and glass panel feel spacious.

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