Modern bathroom featuring a frameless glass shower enclosure with turquoise tiles and a minimalistic design.

Elevate Your Bathroom: Current Designs for Affordable Luxury

From timeless fixtures to natural finishes and clever design features, this guide offers practical insights to create a stylish and functional space that exudes modern elegance.
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Anyone can create their dream space with these cutting-edge bathroom designs and ideas that are stylish and practical without breaking the bank.

Styling a bathroom with luxurious decor and personal items is just one aspect of modern bathroom designs that define the space. To elevate your bathroom to the next level of luxury, it’s important to embrace the latest trends in both appearance and functionality.

“We are seeing more bathrooms with timeless fixtures, such as vanities and showers, that feature minimal detail, creating open spaces that not only provide easy access but also require little maintenance,” says Allure Bathrooms Design Specialist Lee-Anne McDonald.

“With careful design that highlights materials, finishes, and accents, they become focal points in the space,” says Lee-Anne. An statement piece that complements the look and feel of other essential style choices balances texture and design and can even include pops of color.

“Add lush greenery - plants are fantastic for livening up bathrooms.”


Elegant freestanding bathtub with matte finish in a minimalist bathroom setting, accessorized with natural wood and black metallic fixtures.


Natural and Raw Finishes

“We’re seeing a lot of natural and raw finishes in materials including wood, concrete, stone, and marble,” says Lee-Anne. Use them on vanity tops, side tables, and shower caddies, paired with metallics in tapware - gold, brass, and copper truly enhance that luxurious feel."

Simple Built-in Fixtures

Make a statement with these clever takes on functional features:

  • Back-to-wall showers with a niche in the wall behind
  • Wall-hung vanities
  • Hung accent mirrors
  • Recessed shaving cabinets
  • Underfloor heating

“Wall Niches are a unique place to display the finishing touches and create depth and interest within the space.”


Chic freestanding bathtub enhanced with natural wooden accessories and a large green leaf, highlighting a luxury bathroom decor.


  • Timber in benchtops, feature accents, side tables, and bathroom accessories
  • Natural or stone-like materials with a matte finish, such as in a shower or basin
  • Tapware finishes in rose gold, gold, and gunmetal
  • Lighting options include bamboo, metallic, and glass pendants, LED lights, and backlighting
  • Tiles featuring a herringbone pattern as a feature tile and larger format tiles in earthy or monochrome tones
    “Matte Black is our most popular trend, creating a perfect statement piece.”

Fully Frameless Showers

“Single fixed glass panel showers are practical and seamless, with clean lines that modernize and truly open up any space,” says Lee-Anne.

“With easy access, you’ll not only love the look but also enjoy the hassle-free shower experience in a completely open wet area offering easy access and minimal maintenance, cleaning truly becomes a breeze.”

Modern Bathroom Designs with Easy Care Options

“The single piece of glass isn’t the only way to reduce cleaning,” says Lee-Anne. “Opt for a back-to-wall toilet and shower.”

“Say goodbye to frames, seals, and exposed pipes,” advises Lee-Anne. "Remove these dust traps and create a luxurious retreat to enjoy, giving yourself.


Contemporary bathroom with a city view through a glass shower enclosure, showcasing dark hexagonal tiles and a wall-mounted towel warmer.


Back-to-Wall Showers

“With a bath designed to sit flush against a wall - no overhang anymore - you can enjoy that extra bit of space and create not only a coveted ‘freestanding bath’ look without the hassle of cleaning behind it,” suggests Lee-Anne. “Visually a beautiful focal point, it’s also a perfect location to position a niche above.”


Trending in modern bathroom designs are wall-hung vanities with luxurious features including soft-close drawers, premium runners, and simple detailing - finger pulls with a sloped grip instead of handles. “The choice of top or basin will be the feature,” says Lee-Anne. “Using stone, concrete, and timber on the surface means you don’t have to go all out to create a beautiful statement.”

“Opt for an above-counter basin with a matte finish – such as stone-look ceramic - and you still get the luxurious look and feel without splashing out.”


“Wall niches add depth to any space and can create their own beautiful feature,” suggests Lee-Anne. “They offer a perfect place to store your everyday bathroom essentials and display stylish accents - adding your personal touch.”

“If you’re looking to add more luxury to creating a welcoming space, consider installing LED lighting strips,” says Lee-Anne. “Especially when placed within a niche hidden and seamless - the effect creates warmth and ambiance.”

Additional Luxe Features

Underfloor heating provides added luxury, and installation and running costs aren’t as expensive as you might think. With modern bathroom designs moving towards open wet areas and showers with a single level entry, underfloor heating offers the advantage of dissipating any water that remains after use. “This makes it more mold-resistant - an investment that has proven well worth the spend,” says Lee-Anne.

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