Advantages and main characteristics of the doors and shower enclosures

Advantages and main characteristics of the doors and shower enclosures

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Shower door or shower screen are designed to protect the outside of the shower any water spray. 

More aesthetic than the shower curtain, the low opacity of the glazing and its impeccable hygiene once cleaned make it an element of choice for dressing and / or closing a shower. 

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If you don't want your bathroom to look like a paddling pool, this is what you need to install! 

In addition, closing the shower area provides warmth and comfort to the user because the steam is retained and in fact increases the temperature of the shower.

To effectively choose your door or shower screen, you must first measure and make a plan with the actual dimensions of your bathroom. 

The dimensions to plan for your door and / or shower screen are often those of your shower tray or of the dedicated surface in the case of ain walk-shower. 

Example for a niche installation: take the dimension from wall to wall high and low, paying attention to the least important dimension.

Indeed, if the walls are not parallel you will have to adjust the defect when installing the door or the shower screen. 

For marginal ceiling heights, be sure to validate the dimensions when ordering. The key to a successful project: the precision of the measurements and a successful installation.

Determining the type of door depends on the space available, the configuration of the shower area and your preferences (hinged doors, sliding doors, folding doors, pivot doors). As the walls are fixed or with casements, their main criteria are the quality of the glazing, the profiles and their dimensions.

The finish of the frame, made up of profiles, available in plastic, aluminum or chromed steel, and the type of wall, glass or acrylic, depend on taste, requirements and budget.  

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Configuration and space of the shower

The shape of the space to be covered and the possible access to the shower will determine the type of shower screen to choose.

Rectangular corner shower 

Choosing a single fixed wall along the length is the choice most often made when the shower is long.

Decorating the wall with a hinged door can partially close its access and further limit water projections. 

Square corner shower 

Installing a wall with a hinged door is recommended because its showers are often small and water splashes are inevitable.

Shower installed in a niche

You can leave open to optimize space, hang a shower curtain or install a swing, pivot or folding door. 

To choose the right shower door, you must take into account the opening side of the door and the ease of passage of the body.

Locker room shower or open wall shower

In large bathrooms, your shower can fit against a wall and have access from both sides.

A fixed wall without hinged door is therefore preferred for access where a direction of entry and exit is predetermined by the equipment in place - towel holder and / or bathrobe, mat shower etc.

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Shower Screen

The different types of Shower Doors 

The door is chosen because of its size, its preferences and the configuration of its shower.

The swinging showers door

The door is the door that allows the most beautiful passage.

It opens to the outside of the shower so you have to take into account the accessibility and the space required for such an opening (rare new models allow an opening to the inside).

Its installation requires a bathroom spacious or at least a sufficient width unencumbered (or in case of interior opening a deep shower and a recessed shower tray).

The sliding shower door

The door is the best for rectangular showers and small square showers.

Access is very simple, space is maximized. 

Be sure to choose a wide passage for more comfort.

The folding shower door

The door: it's the accordion of the bathroom!

Widely used a few years ago, it is often found in small shower trays or in integrated showers.

To avoid falling into a too retro look, orient yourself on a door with modern frame finishes!

The pivot shower door

The door is an intermediary of the hinged door because when opening, the door also comes in part to the interior shower part. Requires clearance for opening.

The fixed shower screen

The shower screen is only used in rectangular shaped showers, it allows optimal access.

It gives a very design and chic aspect to the bathroom. However, pay attention to the dimensions which must allow protection from splashing without blocking access.

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Shower trays

Dimensions of doors and shower

The screens, however, that there are standard dimensions of shower screens ranging from 66 cm wide to 140 cm wide. Beyond that, it is possible to get supplies, but with made-to-measure walls (specific shapes or height for a shower installed under a pan, for example). The height of the wall panels ranges from 100 to 210 cm. Shower doors are the same height and their width varies depending on their type - most often from 66 to 181 cm. Remember, however, that there is no point in going beyond 210 cm in height because the water projections do not reach them.

Quality of glazing and profiles: zoom on finishes

Safety: guarantor of safety


Glass is the great classic and as mentioned above, it is obligatorily safety glass standardized. This means that its thickness and treatment are suitable for domestic use (min 3 mm, max 10 mm, in case of breakage it breaks into small square pieces).

 Also pay attention to the weight, because the glass is proportionately heavier according to its thickness - choose the anchors carefully wall if those supplied are not suitable for the material. The glass wall is available in various finishes:

  • transparent to give a real feeling of space;
  • screen-printed for more privacy and play on the decor;
  • frosted or granite or opaque for the most reserved.

Acrylic: cheap and light

Acrylic glazing is more economical but less resistant over time, we will not lie to each other. Often more sensitive to lime too, it can be a good intermediate solution and it is also lighter.

Door profile and shower screen

Aluminum or top of the range

For the top of the range, we start with an aluminum finish with its chic and modern side. Different finishes are available.

The chrome finish

In an intermediate version, we have a chrome finish but the maintenance depends on your degree of mania!

Entry-level PVC The PVC

The profile is the most economical and can be an interesting choice since it offers colors close to metal. There are also white or black finishes when you want a very refined structure.

Maintenance of doors and shower screens and anti-lime treatment

Daily cleaning and regular maintenance

Acrylic or safety glass glazing requires a minimum of maintenance. It's up to you not to let the limescale settle in overtime by cleaning the door or the shower screen regularly.

  • After your shower, a simple stroke of a rubber squeegee to limit traces of lime is a good practice.
  • Grandma's tip: to remove traces of tartar, the application of white vinegar and the passage of the palette do wonders.
  • Another alternative, household products dedicated to sanitary maintenance and limescale removal can also be used. 

Anti-lime treated glasses 

There are also anti-stain and anti-lime treated glasses to avoid the confusion of watermarks in the beautiful bathroom.

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The 4 essential tips for choosing the best shower

  1. Door or screen The door or screen of your shower is chosen according to the configuration of your shower, the available space and your tastes.
  2. The materials are a guarantee of quality and durability. They relate to your requirements, your budget and the proposed offer.
  3. Good measurement is the main condition for a successful pose. The dimensions are variable and are to be chosen according to the shower.
  4. It is essential to follow the instructions in the manufacturer's instructions in order to benefit from its installation.


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