Tips for choosing the right shower door

The bathroom is one of the most valuable parts of a home, and its biggest asset is, of course, the shower!

This is why it is important to choose the right shower door. If selected carefully, it will give the room the desired elegance and spaciousness.

Tip 1: Evaluate the bathroom space

Is your bathroom large or cramped? Is the shower located near other amenities, such as a vanity or toilet?

These preliminary questions are used to determine which type of door to choose from the following:

Pivot door: As it opens outwards, sufficient space must be provided. It is possible to choose whether it opens to the right or to the left.

Sliding door: It slides on rails and optimizes space. This solution is very suitable for large showers.

Corner Door: With multiple panels or shutters, these doors are often suitable for quarter round showers.

Tip 2: Measure accurately

This is a crucial step in choosing the right shower door.

In terms of width, it is advisable to measure at three levels: at the top, in the middle and at the bottom of the shower.

Normally, the three measurements obtained should be identical, but if there is a slight variation, the greater width should be used.

To determine the height required, measure from the top edge of the bottom of the shower to the ceiling. The door chosen must be smaller than or equal to this height.

If you have a corner, quarter-round, or corner shower, there are other kinds of things you can do. Ask your glazier to find out which ones.

Tip 3: Choose the right glass

Nothing like a glass door to bring lightness and elegance to a shower.

Consulting a glazier is a wise choice, since glass shower doors must be of precise thickness and weight to be safe.

In addition, a company specializing in glass products will offer you a textured or transparent glass shower door.

Some companies even offer screen printed doors with different designs.

Tip 4: Choose a setting that matches your bathroom

The different frame finishes (brass, chrome, bronze, nickel, etc.) are to be selected according to your preferences, but keep in mind that the frame must harmonize with the rest of the bathroom.

Check the style of your faucet and tub, if it is separate from the shower, to guide you.

There are also frameless shower doors, which are currently very trendy, which amplify the feeling of grandeur.

Tip 5: Plan!

Are you completely renovating the shower or installing a new one?

If you are going to install ceramic tiles, consider doing this work before installing your shower door.

A logistical detail that will save you a lot of time!